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How Do You Curl Hair and Make It Stay All Day?

Curling irons are created beach waves and curls in dry hair.  Curls can spice up any style. People with natural curls can experiment a lot with their looks. The gorgeous hair texture of curls stands out. People with poker straight need to get a little innovative.

You will prove them wrong. It is impossible to make curling iron curls last longer and stay soft at the same time. A good mousse or gel will be helped to get long-lasting curls for long hair. There are some tips of curly hair with a curling iron and make it stay all day the following.

Shampoo and Condition

When your hair is light and carefree? So the first step is washing your hair. You can use a light shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. Otherwise, your curls will flatten in just about an hour or two.

Blow Dry

Blow drying can really help in adding volume. However, the trick is not doing it the regular way. Bend over so your hair is hanging down.

Regular Hair Care and Prevention of Heat Damage

Damaged hair is never holding curls or looks great. If you are splitting ends of frizzy hair, your curls will look unruly. Curling requires heat treatment in most cases and you can style them to updo hairstyles. Make sure you get a heat protestant spray or cream. Heat damage is one of the most reasons behind split ends and frizzy hair.

Setting Spray

This spray will be locking your curls in for longer. Invest in a good holding spray and use it. You are finding a setting spray with heat protection. This would eliminate the need to use two sprays one after the other.

Curl Without Heat

Do you are skipping the curling routine just to avoid heat damage? You don’t need to use heat at all. For heartless curls, use a T-shirt, socks, pens or pencils. You can washed hair and leave it overnight. It is finding fresh loose waves. This is another good method on how to make curls last longer.

Final Setting

Once your hair is curled and you can use a hair spray one last time. This will remove the entire frizz in your curls. You can flaunt your curls all day long.