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How to keep the foundation from rubbing off

Everyday women use makeup to glow well and have a beautiful face. In makeup kits, the foundation plays an important role in applying it on the face. Don’t give up on makeup and do it properly. It mainly considers the best solution for time and patience.


However, the effort is that it could do better by evident for the mirror after a long day. It tends to give a glowing face as it has fresh and did in the morning. However, my worry is about how to keep foundation from rubbing off.

My question is common and most of us have this kind of query. It put effort to do the best thing and evident to take part in extra time and applying it.


Is primer is a good one to keep foundation rubbing off? Of course, it seems right by applying a primer designed to make foundation stick already. It can apply on your face so no worry while rubbing off. I buy primer at drugstore or beauty supply store. Like me, you could get it at best one. It permits them to grab with fingers or use a sponge to apply.

Simply pour a drop of foundation in cotton balls or fingers. Rub it on the face that allows following on directions. Labels on your primer may apply every area of the face. It covers sponge and blends it into your face. You can use fingers or a sponge by meeting on rubbing off.

A simple and straightforward step

Apply powder to set the foundation and lose face powder. Just dip the brush in the powder and tap off excess powder. It simply applies powder in circular motions. Apply the foundation to your face in circular motions. It won’t leave your face and get around the foundation.

The answer for stop makeup getting on your collar is very simple and straightforward. So, try it as per the requirement and find out the best solution. It covers every area on your face where the foundation will be applied.

Don’t touch your face because it is a simple but effective role. This product is available at beauty supply stores. It could apply for the makeup process so no worry in doing it. It does not leave off from your face. So, it gives a perfect solution to get an oil-free foundation while rubbing off. Does keep your makeup from rubbing off is safe? Yes, it is very safe to use and no risks.